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I'm trying to make a shoutcast off my own internet service I don't really want to pay at first for a mp3 trancoding license at the moment I have looked at the setup and well I dont get it haha I'm just stressed I have been researching I was gonna start torrenting windows servers but that wouldnt help since its hard as shit to run one of those without help ......I never said I want it to be done for me I just need guidance on how I should get started since I suck with this shit .... If it was just coding I could do this but that would be too simple. Don't worry I'm not blaming anyone for how hard it is for me I'm just thick headed and cant figure shit out quick i was just asking for well kinda a descriptive step by step guide from someone ..... not sure If i need one or just guidance in the right direction but I do know I need help haha!!
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