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Yeah... After being a longtime Winamp user, I just ditched WinAmp in favor of MixZing (free).

MixZing just revised their UI and added Shoutcast, so now there's seems to be little reason to use WinAmp instead of MixZing unless maybe you get WinAmp's WiFi sync to work. (I can't.)

MixZing won me over with its new user interface and the addition of Shoutcast Radio, etc. Winamp was in the driver's seat and could have owned the Android player app market but they blew it. Terrible executive management and product management.

Some benefits of free MixZing over WinAmp:
1) Swiss army knife plays music, videos, & now Shoutcast radio stations.
2) Lyrics for a song are built-in, one-click away, & free (as are artist bios, YouTube, Wikipedia, & Google search.)
3) Plays by folder, playlist, artist, song, album, & genre.
4) Intuitive, clear, attractive user-interface.
5) Albums play in track # order (not alphabetically).
6) Automatic song recognition & ID3 tag retrieval.
7) Manual ID3 tag editing.
8) 10-band graphic equalizer, free, customizable by song.
9) Built-in search.
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