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It's true, a music player doesn't need a lot of features, but for me, it needs all the important ones, including a 10-band EQ, it would be nice if it supports shoutcast, etc. I *might* try Google Music Player, but after the terrible experience I have with other Google software, I'm not really holding up much hope for it. Just the recent reviews of it show it's less-than-stellar.

I didn't like n7player. I gave it a try, but I ended up uninstalling it the same day.

I haven't tried doubletwist, will give that a go.

Last night I bought the license to PowerAMP, since so far, it is the one that I like the most. It's not perfect, but at the moment, it's way better than WinAMP. I still prefer the interface to WinAMP, and shoutcast support, but if I cannot resume from the last point I was playing within a long mix, then it's absolutely useless to me. Sound quality and play position store/retrieval are the two most important features I need.

Just because I bought a license doesn't mean I'm stuck on PowerAMP.
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