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Gracefully handle duplicate albums

Currently when Winamp discovers duplicates in the media library, it just lists both entries as tracks for the same album, so an album of 10 tracks might become an album of 20 tracks with all tracks present twice.

This is regardless of whether the primary identifying tags are identical.

There is one important use case wherein graceful handling of duplicates becomes important: when a user wants to keep both FLAC and MP3 albums (lossless + lossy) in the same library, but logically split in the file system.

Ie. you might have one folder tree with 60 FLAC albums, and one folder tree with mostly MP3 albums. This is not an exact mirror, you might have many MP3 albums that you don't have as FLAC. Some MP3 albums will have a FLAC mirror, but many will not; and some FLAC albums might not have an MP3 mirror.

When Winamp does not gracefully handle these duplicates, life becomes rather difficult. One needs to create 2 smartviews, one with lossy and one with lossless files. Then, each view is a limited subset of the whole, and you have to start remembering which albums are flac and which ones are mp3!! Furthermore, if you were to prefer listening to the FLAC version, you would have to navigate the FLAC tree; should you realize the FLAC version is not present, you'd have to navigate the MP3 tree.

My desired behaviour is simply this: when winamp library detects duplicates (same albumartist, albumtitle and title) it selects the superior file for listing, which means that higher bitrate = better. The other ones are masked.

The query builder for smartviews does not allow one to compare items against one another or to detect the presence of identical files in the library.

This could very easily be implemented at library-build-time, but could also be done when building the current view. There is no way in the user interface to visualize the difference between different codecs - you want the library view to be format-agnostic (ie. don't list two albums as separate entities simply because they are encoded differently; you'd end up with duplicates at the album level and you wouldn't know which one is which).

I think this feature would not require more than 3 lines of code.

One a side-note, track-id display is also not very graceful. It will just list whatever is in the field. This can be "01" or "1" or "1/10". You would have to run a script over your library to harmonize all of these in all the files, or your Winamp is going to be showing every album differently.
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