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we know that something is causing the touch requests to fail (as per the sticky thread) and are doing what we can to try to diagnose the issue but when we don't see the request in _any_ of the access logs to our servers, it's pretty hard to determine a cause of the issue.

so that is why it is flipping between public and Unable to connect to the Directory. The server will behave like it is private. as the DNAS is trying to maintain the listing but if the YP servers don't respond then it's going to do what it's doing.

i don't know how else to explain it as the point of those messages is to make it obvious that the DNAS is _still_ working, it's just the listing which is not necessarily going to be working.

for the 470 error, you might be able to go to the 'server login' for the DNAS and then use the manual remove option to allow you to create a new authhash for the stream.
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