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It could just be that...the seed track doesn't have the requirements to generate similar tracks. As odd as it sounds.

I have 11,994 tracks. And if I set it to generate a list of 100 tracks...some songs can only produce 8 or 10 other tracks. Others generate the 100.

So it just might be that your music is too diverse to generate a odd as it sounds.

Quick question and probably a silly one. Do you have multiple albums from the same band?

If you do, odd.

If you don' or buy an album from a band that you haven't already - try the generation again and see if it at least picks up a song or two from the same band. Otherwise something might be screwey with Gracenote or Winamp itself...

Perhaps during install...I can't quite remember but don't you need to "subscribe" or explicitly set this feature up? Maybe you skimmed over it by mistake?

I'm not blaming you, it is strange for sure...
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