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Originally Posted by cupid062985 View Post
I believe it's not the quotation because if I manually input the following command:


setup.exe /v" /norestart /qb INSTALLDIR="C:\Test"

it will work.
I think that's a very scary command... I'm not sure how those parameters will be passed to setup.exe. My guess would be that setup recieves only two parameters, namely `/v" /norestart /qb INSTALLDIR="` as the first parameter and `C:\Test"` as the second. This would mean that with a space in the path, it would receive something like `/v" /norestart /qb INSTALLDIR="` as the first parameter, `C:\Program` as the second, and `Files\Folder"` as the third. If that's the case, then it depends entirely on how setup.exe parses its own parameters...

Is there a way to prevent the /v" parameter?
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