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well the port forwarding doesn't appear to be correct (unless the DNAS is trying to run on a different IP to what was opened) as i cannot access the DNAS either.

first thing, remove the streampath=/test.aac line from the config file (that is going to cause more issues for you once you get the stream accessible). though without seeing it, things to check include:
  • making sure the DNAS is running on the port you've forwarded
  • that you've done it for the correct machine on the network
  • that you've only opened what is needed (default is only port 8000 if the source is on the same network)
  • that you've done it for the TCP protocol

second thing, with the screenshot url, can you re-post it, putting spaces either side of the dot please (it's filtered in the way it is as some part of the address matches with the global filter list on this forum).

third thing, is this meant to be a publically listed or private stream? you mention for just a few friends so do you actually want to be having it listed in the Directory? i have to ask that as if not then it still means you need to sort out the port forwarding issue, but it means you either need to set you source to private or set publicserver=never in the config file.

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