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Some updates just aren't worth having...

I mean look at the shit Microsuck have been doing to windows.. 8, 8.1, 10 ... total shit.

What about Mozilla.. those retards have been lobotomizing Firefox into total shit in the last 5years, and still they think the goal should be making it more like that pile of shit chrome.

Really can't see Winamp updates being any better, just glad it still works the best thing about winamp is the plugins, medialibrary and the modern skin system that got extended by cpro.

...Radionomy got winamp for the shoutcast userbase.... if they wanted it to suceed they would have worked on putting the website back and having a centralized place for community to continue making plugins, skins etc.

They seemed pretty fucking clueless as to what to do with a windows application. They probably want to to turn it into some sort of mobile phone cloud sharing shite.

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