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Originally Posted by Vercalos View Post
Feel free to skip this post; I'm not active on the forums and likely to repeat a lot of what has already been posted before.

Frankly I have no idea what Radionomy is going to do, but their entire service smacks of incompetence. Their website has a decent, if basic, aesthetic, but whoever did the coding for their website should be replaced with someone who has a better idea what they're doing. I tried searching for several artists on the site, and quite a few of them return:
"Sorry, an unknown error occured while processing your request."
Which basically means no results were found, which includes popular artists such as John Newman

For artists the site does recognize, it links to additional reading information, but the language seems to be random, PSY, for some reason, links to a French article rather than an English one, and Radiohead's link doesn't display properly within the website..

The fact that they bought Winamp and let it lie fallow bothers me most. Winamp is my favorite music player for PC, and I think we, the users, would have been better off if AOL had released the source-code and made it open source.
I have to say i agree with this. I don't see this company doing anything good in the long run. I guess we are lucky it still works. Kind of sucks that they are just letting it sit there. Just why did they buy it i guess it was to add shoutcast to their service which was crappy.
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