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Maybe we will see us in YouTube some day...

The Deluxe Premium Version of MAGIX Video has also a built-in screenrecorder, and after I had put the Milkdrop Visualizer onto the desktop, I had recorded it. But I had to play a song twice to get the recording in the full length. I know, there are also Fraps, Camtasia, Hypercam, but MAGIX can be bought directly in a real store without online-banking.

For Windows 7 this single post is very important:

My Winamps on my PC & notebook still work. I love the Milkdrop Visualizer of Winamp very much, and I have customized it more and more. Now it is very perfect for enjoying the music. I have added very much skins, presets, textures etc., and the software folder Winamp has 1.36/1.39 GB now...

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