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Egg and Benski et al,

i just wanted to point you to EAC, Exact Audio Ripper, for a few ideas:

1. check out how it gets album art. i think it does a targeted websearch, and gives the user a few cool ways to sort the results. the plus of this is you shouldn't need to pay anyone to give users access to album art.

try ripping a CD with EAC v1.1, you'll dig it.

2. check out how it does metadata. its a plugin based system. so, if you want freedb results, you use that plugin. or, if you want cuetoolsDB results, you use that plugin. both DBs are free for you to distribute/access as far as i know. pick the plugin easily on the fly right in the main UI for ripping.

with a plugin system, you could add MB later if you want, and if any one goes down, the user can still use something else.

3. accuraterip. this lack keeps audiophiles from using your software, and you WANT fanatics! it should be pretty easy to implement this.


4. please be careful to make sure, that regardless of what metadata source you use, you allow the user to pick what fields/frames are included or not, so MB and similar don't spam a bunch of nonsense into the tags. thx!

ps. go with 5.7 or 5.9

why? idk, but 5.8 feels weak.

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