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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
We could release a public 5.8 beta right now....
Though there would be no CD Burning, no Gracenote (cddb, autotag, playlist generator, etc) replacement, and no Queuing features
(Q / Alt+click, enhanced J dialog, and all other features provided by JTFE).

We could probably get away with one or two of those things, but I'm not sure about all three.
Winamp CD Burning was nice, but most people already found replacements?
Gracenote is already been gone for a while, so we dont need to wait for that specifically.

Now Queuing is needed for Bars, parties, amateur DJ, just a nice feature overall.(I use mouse3 to queue)
So that for me personally is the highest priority, and then i'll be sure to start using the beta. (just found out there IS a beta)
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