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It'll be 5.8, for now....
Not sure if the Gracenote replacement stuff will be in the beta, maybe album art downloader... we shall see...

Yes, agreed. We could've got away with no cd burning and gracenote, but not with no JTFE features on top of all that.
JTFE provided loads of features.... Queuing, Queue Manager, Enhanced/Skinned J dialog, Custom File Type icons, Custom Explorer context menus, Enqueue & Play (from Explorer), Highlight missing files, ML > Send To > Add to queue / show in playlist, Remove duplicate playlist entries, Prevent playlist from scrolling the current item into view, and so much more.
From a dev point of view, it's a nightmare scenario, tbh :-(

Yes, the new out_wasapi and in_mod are still in (those would come under #7 in my above post).
Sorry to hear that benski didn't reply to your pm. I'll remind him when I get the chance.
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