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WOW... ok, I didn't really know what to do with the code in that link you gave me, but I started messing with it and now something very bad has happened.. haha my whole player is like.. rearranged and out of proportion and just.. totally wrong. haha

I set register_autopopup to 1 on the group that has my tickers, and they appear in their own window and look fine, but the whole player is jacked up now.
Also, it doesn't look like this code works with Winamp's ticker="1" parameter? I need that to work too :-/ haha

I've attached 2 pictures: 1 of the way the player is supposed to look, and the other of the distorted player with the tickers in their own window.

OK........ haha I have no idea what I did.. I pretty much dissected the entire player.xml file and put it back together (without changing any code at all), and now everything fits and looks perfect. Now the only problem is that the text doesn't scroll like a ticker. Any way to make the ticker work on this stuff? Thanks

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