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Originally Posted by djmasa View Post
The relays are forcing yp2 mode. If you specify a relayport and relayserver, it acts like you've specified streamrelayurl and says that yp2 must be turned on.
it's because i re-map the legacy options to the new one - not a simple change to get that altered though as yp2 mode is the default behaviour it's not going to be as high up on my todo list for the moment.

Originally Posted by djmasa View Post
So far, I've checked the RIP system, and I think that's working now as intended.
that's good.

Originally Posted by djmasa View Post
Well, I see that yp2 issue as a problem if the YP ever goes down for an extended period of time or AOL/Nullsoft decides to stop supporting the service entirely. That would be pretty unfortunate either way for the stations. Not sure how I want to deal with that for now.
i can see why you're concerned though there's no intention on stopping support of the YP / site listings.

if it did go down then switching the DNAS to run in private mode would be the simplest way around it (though at the moment the v2 DNAS doesn't allow for changing that on the fly in all cases). then again, the service going away would affect v1 stations in a similar manner, so i think you might be over considering things (though can see why).

though as the yp2 mode works with the stored authhash details then i'd hope it makes sense why if the details cannot be obtained that the DNAS probably shouldn't be running as no details &/or no YP connection when set to be public is an invalid setup. at least it won't drop listeners if the YP connection goes away whilst the DNAS is running unlike the v1 DNAS can do.

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