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i'm not going to cover it as a bug, however more as a feature request since it is a fair point that if the YP cannot be accessed only if it fails to resolve / respond on add and not a failure to provide the information (that behaviour will not change), then yes it probably should drop the requirement to block client connections due to a lack of authhash details.
as a follow up, i've now added in handling which should allow this to work so if the YP is not there / responding correctly i.e. its 404'ing due to some failure, it will allow clients through.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
however we then get into the weird area as to what to do to clients which have then be provided with different details from what would be in the authhash when the YP connection then comes back... kick all so they then get the correct details or just leave them going and only apply the new details to new connections.
with this part of what i mentioned, when YP connectivity comes back then it'll leave all existing clients connected and will then process new client connections according to the existing YP connection behaviour i.e. if your authhash is then invalid / does not exist then it'll reject client connections. that seems the best option if there are other issues which are in effect.

however, hopefully this shouldn't need to be tested (though the only likely time would be when we do YP upgrades and a coincidental timing of when the DNAS is started up.

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