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Sorry, I have been away for the holidays and was not able to fully take a look at it. The updated test daemon you sent seems to be working correctly for relays now as well. I've done a bit of testing with it, i'll switch one major relay over and see how well it handles the load. If it's acceptable, I'll move them all over and retire 1.9.8 which seems to be sucking CPU like no tomorrow due to what i'm sure is a very low sleep setting. I have a few more issues to work out, since SpacialAudio seems to no longer produce SOS, my SHOUTcast server listener data can no longer be tracked due to the differences on how v1 and v2 operate their XML code. I may have to work around that somehow, but we'll see. It's not a huge problem as of yet, just a minor annoyance, and I doubt there's anything you can do in code to fix it unless v1 legacy mode can also operate the XML in the same manner (but I doubt it).

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