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Sorry that it's been a week or so. Been really busy. Lots of station imaging and stuff to do this time of year.

Anyway, the errors that SOS present for the XML are:

Error parsing xml document: End tag 'head' does not match the start tag 'link'.

I also believe it may use some of the 7.html stuff from v1.

Because you may or may not now, SOS is basically an older version of SimpleCast (Now called SAMCast) that includes ad-insertion and blackout features not present in SimpleCast or SAMCast. You can probably find out more from SpacialAudio's Wiki, if you wish to know more about it. It's basically using the SHOUTcast v1 relay statistics found in SimpleCast and SAMcast, which do not seem to be compatible with SHOUTcast v2 even in legacy mode with the error listed above. There is no log file for the statistics portion of SOS.

Please let me know if you need anymore information. I'll try to get you what I can.

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