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Originally Posted by djmasa View Post
Sorry that it's been a week or so. Been really busy. Lots of station imaging and stuff to do this time of year.
that's ok, can understand that

Originally Posted by djmasa View Post
Anyway, the errors that SOS present for the XML are:

Error parsing xml document: End tag 'head' does not match the start tag 'link'.

I also believe it may use some of the 7.html stuff from v1.
ok, there's not too much that can be done about that if it is hitting 7.html since that is 404'd with the build i sent to you as we moved things over to an xml /stats option for the v2 DNAS (7.html wasn't deemed appropriate anymore and was removed - was done before i took on the tools). as such there's not anything which can be changed on that handling (not what you're wanting to hear but that's what has been decided).

Originally Posted by djmasa View Post
Just also as a follow-up, the changes that you made for the RIP of the webinterface seem to not be working again. I can't access the webserver portion of the server even if I am in the RIP list and the server is set for RIP only. Not sure how that happens. I put this on a more busy server stream to see how it's functioning, and other than the RIP/WEB issue, along with XML issue of the previous post, it seems to be okay.
the 'fix' i put in only works when accessing the admin pages on the same machine and the DNAS determines the request is made from 'localhost'. to work on the remote machine you'd need to add your IP to the rip file though i think i need to re-evaluate the handling of the page access when RIP is in use so any valid admin login is allowed.

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