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No sound in station?

Hi all,
I am posting this once again as I did a couple of months ago as I did not receive any help and abandoned the topic.

I hadn't used shoutcast in a couple of months and now I tried to turn it on. I get the usual:
[yp_add] added me successfully
[yp_tch] touched!

However, I cannot enter my administration page (By admin page I mean http://[ip]:[port]) at all, like it isn't there. Secondly, there is no sound playing from my station although it is on the Shoutcast website. I seriously don't know where the problem is... It turns up on the website, but clicking the start button simply doesn't work.

Once again, I am absolutely sure the problem isn't the source of the sound (winamp or external)

I'll have it up all night if someone wants to see what I mean:

Can you help me?
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