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Hmm, ok....

Do you not have an email client on the pc using a pop3/imap account?

Have you tried changing the relevant settings via: Winamp > Prefs > Error Feedback?

If no default email program is available, then you can try using the smtp option instead....

Server needs to be your server's smtp, eg. for gmail it's:
Port for gmail: 465 (will be different for other providers)
Sender address = your email address (eg.
Server requires auth = checkmarked for gmail (most other providers also require this)
User = your email address (some providers only require the username before the @, others require the full email address)
Password = as provided

If not using gmail, then you'll need to get the relevant settings from your provider....

The reports are automatically sent to bug (at)
Any emails which don't have the default subject and attachment filename are automatically discarded.
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