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Whenever i try to fullscreen on AVS i get one of two scenarios

a) I get a black screen with absolutely nothing, clicking anywhere exists out of it though (this is if i set AVS to be the exact same resolution of my screen)

b) it works (assuming i keep the AVS setting at its default resolution, which is wayyy smaller than my screen size) however itll sometimes return to the desktop and make everything have a weird blue, yellow, red hue to it and make things look pixelated, until i exit Winamp.

The second scenario is what i mean cuz that happens with old video games too when theyre run on more modern systems.
The patcher i was referring to fixes that issue when it happens to video games, so i was thinking perhaps it could fix that AVS issue for me too. Cuz to date ive never been able to get it to work for me in fullscreen.

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