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Hello DrO, thank you for your message.

We have witnessed the banning issue with the latest DNAS 2.4.2 build 167 (64 and x86) that we are NOT using at the moment, as we rolled back to version 2.2.1 which is working fine in our platform. I think I mentioned this in the thread you mentioned above?

So, in the now re-mounted DNAS 2.2.1 the banning features are again working fine.

The DNAS version 2.4.2 had a very nice feature allowing to ban some "agents" (e.g. known stream ripper software) which is not available in the DNA ver. 2.2.1 .

What we are looking for is, as said at the beginning of this thread, something similar to what the old R.I.P. was offering, and also we are really eager to find out how to ban automatically connections lasting for more than a certain number of hours.

Thank you!

Best regards.
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