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Can listen Locally but not over internet

I set up an older version of SAM Broadcaster (4.2) with the latest SHOUTcast DNAS. I have SAM connecting to the encoder, via localhost, port 8000. My station appears in the SHOUTcast Directory when searched, but it fails to play.

I can listen locally by means of, but even with my No-IP DNS set up, I can't listen to the stream from a remote computer, nor the hosting computer.

I think I need a little more clarification of what goes where when you set up?
I did this once a long time ago back in 2008 successfully, which is where I found my old archives and my old SAM Broadcaster Unfortunately I didn't leave detailed instructions on how to do it again LOL!

So here is a list of what I have so far....:
I have MSSQL installed with the basic default install, required for SAM Broadcaster 4.
I have SAM Broadcaster 4 installed.
I have the latest SHOUTcast DNAS installed.
SAM successfully connects the Encoder to the DNAS.
My Router\Modem is a ZyxEl Centurylink and I have the computer running SAM in the DMZ setting, with port forwarding of 8000 to 8100 for it.

Have I missed a step somewhere?

If there is any additional information needed, just let me know and I will hunt it down.
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