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Originally Posted by djSpinnerCee View Post
first make sure that you're not getting "cannot see your station..." messages in the dnas log - if so, your port forwarding needs to be revisited.

next, make sure that you are using the correct public ip -- several ways to get this, if your station is listed in the directory, the pls or m3u provided will contain the public ip .. or from the same computer as the dnas, visit a site like whatsmyip to get the public address, or go to your router - its wan ip is the public ip.

with the public ip, be aware that some routers will not allow you to access the wan ip from the lan (a security feature) -- also cellphone data providers may limit or prohibit streaming over their network.

ok, Shoutcast DNAS doesn't say anything about it not being able to see anything in its console.

Let me show ya what i have set in SAM 4 for the encoder.

For my Router\Modem (ZyXEL w/ CenturyLink), i have port forwarding set for the server ports 800 thru 810 as well as the modems internal firewall for IPV4, set as TCP and UDP.

I have No-Ip and its running on my machine,

I can listen from my other computer via internal IP,, but attempting to reach it from the or even the external ip listed from WhatsMyIp doesn't work.

I've also tried the PLS and M3U from Shoutcast Directory, doesn't work.
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