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Originally Posted by stopasking View Post
Ok removed and now my ID3v2 tag editor works again and looks better then before! that plug-in though, it wasn't important right?
In the old 2.9x and the early 5.x days, Winamp's MP3 decoder lacked a lot of features, like reading infos from LAME encoded files for Gapless Playback or 24-Bit playback.

You could say, that these 2 alternative mp3 plugins were much better than Winamp's decoder.

Today, Winamp's MP3 decoder supports all important features, like Gapless Playback, 24-Bit support, Unicode & ReplayGain. So you could say, that both popular third party decoders (in_mad & in_123mpg) are obsolete and no longer needed.

Some people think, that the MAD decoding library sounds different/better, but personally I never heard any advantage over Nullsoft's MP3 decoder.

If you want to use all features in Winamp, you should use Winamp's own decoder, which is the only one, which supports the unified tag editor and all library features.

From the decoding quality you won't hear any difference. All mp3 decoders as well as nearly all good mp3 software players do the same job and there shouldn't be any difference.

Unless you deal with Equalizer settings or DSP plugins, all differences you hear are mostly placebo. But before I get slaughtered by others, I want to underline, that this is my personal opinion.
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