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Duplicate files - not your normal duplicate bug, honest!


I've used Winamp for years and am stumped by this. I renamed some mp3 folders, moved a few mp3s, and then did a forced rescan of my HD via preferences and set two different 'watch folders' for my singles and albums (both stored on different parts of my HD) - so winamp would find the new locations.

For some reason, this caused all my files to duplicate (all 12,000 mp3s). Both the original and duplicate play in winamp and looking at the path, winamp thinks they're in two different locations. E.g.:

C:\Users\Jody\Music\albums\Daedelus\A Gent Agent\03-the_now_silent_streets-soup.mp3

C:\Documents and Settings\Jody\My Documents\My Music\albums\Daedelus\A Gent Agent\03-the_now_silent_streets-soup.mp3

I'm new to Windows 7 but it looks like these paths direct to the same place - it's just a weird way that Windows 7 seems to mask urls. The mp3s are definitely only in one physical location anyway.

I've tried 'remove duplicate entries' and 'remove missing files' - neither did anything. I've also deleted my 'watch folders', rescanned, but it's still no use. I don't want to delete all tracks and reload, because I'll lose all my ratings, playcount, etc.

I even ran a system restore, but that didn't work!

Would really appreciate some help. Thanks

Winamp: 5.572
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