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It has been rather grueling, but things are progressing pretty well. Thanks for the synopsis! It sounds like I've gotten the order of operations correct, so to speak - I just have to finish piecing the actual operations together.

I've gotten the main rendering engine together, and am working on integrating it - mainly I just need to finish the class that handles interop between the textures passed to the GPU and the raster images composited from the generative components (waves, shapes, etc.). The post processing code is also complete and tested (sustain, echo, invert, solarize - now 0-1 instead of boolean, gamma, brightness). Adding the motion settings will probably be the next step.

I'll likely scrap the per-vertex stuff for now in favor of using a transform matrix to do most of the vertex manipulation... It sounds like a matrix could probably handle everything except the warp settings. I'll also be ignoring the programmable shaders for the moment - if I can get a pseudo-MilkDrop 1.x running smoothly, THEN we'll see about adding extras!
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