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Ok, I found some really dodgy weird bug.

If I Push two things onto the stack before calling InetLoad, InetLoad always fails and returns either "File Open Error" or "URL Parts Error".
InetLoad returns "File Open Error" if I have two empty strings ("") onto the stack, and "URL Parts Error" if I have two non-empty strings on the stack (ie "blah").
If I Pop one of them off immediately, InetLoad works as normal!
It seems that if I have more than one item on the NSIS stack, InetLoad fails.

This example shows the problem...
Compile it and you'll get the problem straight away.

Edit: Have you got code in there to read the URL and the save-to-file from the stack? Nothing in the readme about it!!!
And it's not reading from the top of the stack either, more like either at the bottom of somewhere in-between!

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