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Now I work on XP Pro SP2 too, new project requires this
MS Firewall bihaviour is so strange I deleted InetLoad from exclusions list, firewall popuped "restricted access" dialog, but I could see on the NSIS window under this dialog (I not closed it) that 25 MB download was continued and finished with OK status ...
Nevertheless, first question - MS Firewall connection error, simple patch: /RESUME "" option, I re-tested this, plug-in popups messagebox and continued download attempts after I clicked "Retry". Better way - specific firewall error, this case plug-in can auto-enable resume option (if install is not 'silent'). I wrote above that I could not reproduce situation, so KichiK please test attached dll, it should display messagebox with lasterror and InternetGetLastResponseInfo (if any). The only code I saw in the similar situations earlier with other programs was 12002 (when Firewall threated conection as virus atack).
Second question - InetLoad is in the Firewall list, but still connect error occure - no ideas right now..
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