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1. If connection to server was lost, but some data were received during last session, plug-in makes a short pause, reconnects and continues download from the current position. A some kind of re-get.
2. If /RESUME "" option set, plug-in on any error except "file not found" first asks user (retry-cancel), this helps on dial-up connection and firewall problems.
2.5 On GetLastError()==12002 or 12003 (in most cases firewall related) plug-in auto-enables /RESUME option, but please note that english default text will be used in the message box (many thanks again to Stu from Shropshire for the great text ).
Finally plug-in returns "OK" or error description string (full set of strings in the InetLoad.cpp file), so on error you can ask user again or terminate installation. You can find all plug-in command line options in the Readme.txt (including 3 display modes).
I hope all these tricks may help to solve some common download problems
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