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First of all if you are using latest plug-in version, popup parameter includes 'prefix' text, to use default it should be /POPUP ""
Code above should not work because first download result - 'OK' string (from Cameron ) is in the stack yet, please use Pop $1 (for example) after every download to clean stack. Otherwise 'OK' string will be first parameter for the next plug-in call. If you are using stack for other vars, use /END parameter (see Readme) to stop plug-in's stack reading at the end of this command line. Plug-in also supports few downloads from one command line.
And now some single ftp download, re-tested:

Section "Dummy Section" SecDummy

InetLoad::load /POPUP "Readme.txt from MS FTP" "" "$EXEDIR\rm.txt" /END
Pop $0 # return value = exit code, "OK" if OK
MessageBox MB_OK "Download Status: $0"


Status 'OK', file looks correct too. I aslo tested big ftp download with loginassword in the LAN, and not found any problems. And I hope that bad syntax only might cause crash
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