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in addition to jaromanda's post, you need to keep re-processing of input media for a stream to a minimum as generally you're going to be loosing more information the more that gets done, especially if you have a DJ connect to an auto-dj and that then re-encodes the stream.

the defunct sc_trans did that even when it shouldn't have been needed if it already matched the existing format of the stream. as doing that means the DJ audio will sound worse than the directly played files via the auto-dj, though often having the DJ stream at a higher bitrate to the auto-dj than needed for the stream (doubling the DJ bitrate vs stream bitrate seemed to work reasonably well from those having issues) and that should then not be too noticeable.

though however you look at it, most streams are going to be compromised on their audio quality and unless you stream lossless formats (which eat up bandwidth like a fat kid in a sweet shop), you have to pick what is best for a) what you can afford and b) what gives you / the listeners a reasonable listening experience based on the content you're providing.

as there's little when it comes to players or specific encoders having an effect on the audio quality, it's primarily how many stages of re-processing of the audio that may have gone on and what the quality of the input media is to begin with that is the cause of bad stream audio.
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