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Hey Martin, appreciate the response and apologies if you feel offended. The colour scheme and overall look reminded me of one of your presets, not the simplicity of the animation

After much digging around I found it on Instagram. And you're right, it's not a visualizer preset and is probably done in Cinema 4D as mentioned in the description of another one on that profile:

I was just hopeful when that clip was shared with me that there might be a community of preset authors elsewhere on the internet that I am not aware of. I've grown up with real-time music visualizers and it saddens me that it's a dying software category, for consumers/end-users anyways (didn't know there were all these libraries/frameworks for generative art used by VJs etc). I was pretty excited when nvidia released the Geo Forms demo by Geiss thinking that the future of music visualizers is nigh with fancy videogame-like graphics. Instead most visualizers seem to have been abandoned; projectM, Morphyre, R4...etc haven't received updates in ages. /end nostalgia

P.S. this exact visual is posted in better quality on the author's website:
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