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Hi, robh32.
Playlists not always may be sorted alphabetically. And what to do if there are several entries shuffled all around the whole playlist?

I don't remember exactly when "Search in Playlist" box on the top of playlist appeared but I discovered this feature in the last 5.8 beta version. You can try to use it.

Entering search phrase ending with Enter will show you songs list containing search phrase. Double clicking needed entry in this list will advance you in playlist and play it.
You may also try right click in this "Items found" list. This way you can addidional manage your playlist, rearranging it or removing items from "Items found" list. All this changes doesn't touch the original playlist file until you overwrite it saving the newer formed playlist over original one .

Hope you'll find this answer as helpful workaround for your wish or even as new powerful feature that already exists in application.
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