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Winamp Library: Are ID3 Tags 'safe'?

Hello folks.

I've done searches and haven't found a specific answer to my question...which is a little surprising since Winamp has been around since ever since.

Anyway, I want to ask about the library/manager aspect of Winamp. I've always used Winamp (since pre 2000), but recently, I've been wanting to use a library/manager so I could rate tracks and keep track of # of listens, etc. One thing that used to happen within Winamp, was when you used the rating system, it actually added that rating to the file, which altered the original tags of that file.
I didn't use Winamp's library for that reason. Yesterday, I decided to see what the 'new' library looked and operated like...and tested the rating system and saw that it didn't change anything within the file. Before I load my whole library, I just want an official answer: Does the Winamp library change or edit anything about a file, without my specific instruction to do so? Like, on import, assign tags, or when rating files, etc.

I've read many a horror story about folks having issues loading their libraries into music managers and having the manager wreak havoc on their files/tags.

My apologies if this is a repeat question. Thanks in advance for reading/commenting.

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