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BogProg DiskWrite

Version is now available for download.

  • Secret Rabbit Code resampling support has been removed.
  • LGPL resampler added (no external library required to resample anymore.) See about box for kind used.
  • libsoxr resampling support added by external dynamically linked library. Included in installer.
  • No longer triggers error box from lame_enc.dll with file names with Unicode characters on file systems without 8.3 file name support.
  • With release of new version of Winamp (after 5.666), Winamp's WAV encoder will no longer be skipped (due to it's config box crashes.)
  • lame_enc.dll support (if present) version information added to description.
  • Shifted initialization of internals for faster loading times (DrO nudging.)
  • Configuration window tab theming fixed.
  • Last tab selected in the configuration window remembered.
  • Lazy multi-channel downmixing support added. Could not find a definitive source for how to downmix all the common Surround Sound formats (Quadraphonic, 3 chan, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, others ...) I conjured code that will at some level reproduce most, if not all of the signals to the specified new channel count (stereo or mono.)
  • Added an [Out] button to the presets window to make switching back-and-forth between output plugins a bit less annoying.

I believe that since the old plugin thread mentioned Secret Rabbit Code resampler support as the main feature (which this version now no longer does) that it warrants a new thread. That and it contains a download link to an outdated version that no longer works.


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