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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Originally Posted by vegdelicious View Post
You know why I love Linux? All is free and when I looked at Winamp there was always that talk of license $$$ money etc.. annoyinggggggggggg LOng Live Free Linux forever.
Good for you.

Nothing is really 'free'. Everything must be paid for, thru the front door or the back (hidden and indirect). I rather pay a reasonable cost upfront and know what I'm buying (and not depend on the charity of others).
which is why a number of linux distributions don't provide native MP3 decoder libraries for example (since depending on where in the world you are determines which patents and licensing authorities are in operation) so they don't have to pay anything and leave it to the user to download what is needed, etc. as MP3 is still a patented codec in parts up until 2017 (and with the few related patents relating to encoding support from what i've been able to work out).

as vegdelicious seems to be living in a reality bubble in that most of the main codecs in use (MP3, AAC, H.264 and so on) are under patent and generally require licensing to use them (which varies between formats and encoding and decoding areas depending on the codec) to avoid getting taken through the legal wringer when you're seen as a 'large' product.

how all of that will affect Winamp post-AOL is still to be seen and worked out and is likely that for some areas such as MP3 encoding, lame_enc.dll will need to be manually obtained and installed if that support is needed, since you're only going to be creating MP3s for your own personal usage anyway... and so could not be included natively as has been done since it adds more of a headache to the licensing requirements.

and for those interested in MP3 patent licensing, having worked through and created the European patent numbers (since Winamp is a European product now), the following is the patents which have expired and which are still in effect and when they are likely to expire (though IANAL so it's the best that can be determined from the EU patent registrars):

EP0251028 - Expired 15 June 2007
EP0608281 - Expired 5 October 2012
EP0277613 - Expired 29 January 2008
EP0611516 - Expired 12 October 2012
EP0193143 - Expired 21 February 2006
EP0464534 - Expired 11 April 2011
EP0667063 - Expired 21 June 2011
EP0485390 - Expired 1 November 2013
4821260 - Only stated as a US patent which according to expired 16 December 2007)
EP0414838 - Expired 25 June 2010
EP0832521 - "Process of low sampling rate digital encoding of audio signals" - Still valid (possibly until 2017)
EP0642719 - Expired 17 May 2013
EP0287578 - Expired 28 August 2007
EP0750811 - "Joint stereo coding" - Still valid (possibly until 2015)
EP0803989 - "Method for encoding a digitised audio signal using combinations of different threshold models" - Still valid (possibly until 2017)
EP0494990 - Expired 7 October 2010
EP0719483 - "Determination of coding type" - Still valid (possibly until 2014)
EP0340301 - Expired 5 October 2008
EP0554290 - Expired 24 October 2011
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