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Non-Port 80 Shoutcast Streams unplayable on Chrome 55 and Safari 10

Hi Shoutcast Tech team,

I'm Anton - Website Product Manager from - and would like to inform you that Shoutcast streams below DNAS v.2.5. running on ports other than 80 are NOT PLAYABLE on the following browsers based on our research today:

* Chrome 55 (current beta) - will release 6. Dec 2016!
* Safari 10 on MacOS Sierra - already released

The Streams are blocked by the browser with the following messages:
* Sandboxing ';5839676704576158stream.nsv' because it is using HTTP/0.9.
* Cancelled resource load from ';5839676704576158stream.nsv' because it is using HTTP/0.9 and the document was loaded with a different HTTP version.
* Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE

As most Shoutcast streams are served via non Port 80 Ports, this issue will be WIDESPREAD . I suggest you get in touch the Google Chrome team to figure out a solution.
Maybe you can provide a patch for server-operators just in time?

We at are very concerned about this issue as we know many Shoutcast Streams run on ports other than 80. We hope you (or the Browser makers) can alleviate this issue as many station operators (and radio-listeners) will potentially be affected.


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