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I'm still getting the dreaded "corrupt file or unsupported module type" error on half of my modules. The other half play just fine.
All modules, whether compressed as mdz / itz / xmz or not, play perfectly ok in both ModPlug Player and Winamp with your in_modplug.dll

I prefer to keep them compressed, but as I say, if I use the "save as" feature in Modplug and uncompress them to the original mod / it / xm / s3m format, I still get that error message with in_mod.dll

So, it's back to in_modplug.dll for me.
If only it supported File Info & seeking bar, I'd be fully happy with this plugin and would never want to use in_mod.dll again . . . unless it got fixed 100%

All trax were originally downloaded from
I'd give you the url's, but TiS seems to be down at the mo?

Here's a list of the problem modules. All 44KHz, 16-bit.
I'll edit in the url's later as soon as I can get them from TiS

Carl Dub : Remember The Dreams (XM)
Pirat : Feels Are Changing (MOD)
Scienide : Fragmatized (IT)
Scienide : Peacemaker - SB Cut (IT)
Mathar : Cry (IT)
NoldusR : Approach, full (IT)
Petr Mikovec : The Way Up/Down (XM)
Mass : Fabeltjeskrant 3Dfx (MOD)
DJ Spoz : Stupid 'n Contagious (XM)
Wide Damned Mind : Real High Real Fast (XM)

There's more, but that'll do for now . . .
Unless ya want to add me as a broken mod too

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