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about timezones - i've just came back from vacation and my night-day cycle hasn't returned to normal state (had to wake up at 7-8 AM because of %$@ kids making noise).
i've tested the stuff on both my computers (K6-2/128meg/win98se, Athlon/128meg/win2k) and haven't managed to get any errors (there was an error with that first XM, but it got fixed). i've just put my hands on a big load of potentially troublemaking ITs so i have plenty of stuff to mess with.
i've added some critical fixed to IT loader, but i'm unable to upload the file (the file which is now there is incomplete)
in_modplug sucks. like i said, even modplug isn't 100% bug-free. if you find a mod which doesn't work with modplug, i won't be able to fix it.

PS. what kind of compressed mods are they ? you sure that there is _only_one_ file in every archive ? if not, repack them. read_file.dll extracts only the first file from archive (unless you specify path of file to extract - eg. "\modfile.mod" instead of "modfile.mdz")

[edit] i think i've managed to upload da update.
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