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Yeah, you're absolutely right PP
WMA suxx big time & isn't worth the trouble it causes.

I'll find the fix eventually. It's gotta be something pretty simple & straightforward. I'll put a few hours in when I've got the time, maybe this weekend. Though I might just play them through WMP, save them to WAV with TotalRecorder, then recompress to MP3 . . . then never ever d/l or use any WMA's again.

I find it very sad that promotes this evil M$ format.
If they must use secure formats on the music downloads page, then surely MJF would be better? (hmmm . . . maybe)

Okay, end of rant, time to d/l the new in_mod update.

errmmm . . . 245 bytes/sec . . . wtf?
Ahhh, now it's got stuck at 46kb. Methinks I should try again later! lol
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