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Ok I got a nice testing song at which can be used to compare IT with WinAmp on Interpolated Sine Wave/Square Wave and Surround Sound.

Simply put: Run IT and make sure Interpolation is on and then Play the song
Afterwards run WinAmp and make sure Interpolation is on and then Play the song.
You can also test with both interpolation off for some outa-speaker-blowin' sound.

The first part of the song demonstrates the sine wave and square wave, the second part demonstrates the same but with 'surround sound'.

The first part should display no difference with interpolation on.
However, with the surround sound part, in IT, my speakers will blow away while in WinAmp I hardly hear it, even when I turn on a 3D enhancer!

Anyway, there is this Stereo Output thingy for Impulse Tracker and I cant seem to find it anywhere apart from the official webby, where it costs a smack of money
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