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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
because i'm in the middle of doing other things and cba to calculate it (as it means downloading / installing Winamp to check / calculate it).
Oh ok no worries.

4.103 is as it was provided from build 3512 so was not altered from that. it's referred to as the 'patch' because it does patch the issue of in_mp3 crashing as 4.104 experiences due to a one-line code change (done to resolve a memory issue that back-fired).
Roger that.
So in 4.103 the memory issue is still there?
As 4.014 NEVER made Winamp crash here, and i've been using it daily since installing 5.666 build 3516 the day it was released, I wonder if I really should fix anything..

and why an exe and not a zip, because the point was providing something aimed at those who don't have the skills to determine where Winamp is, etc. and because I like annoying Winamp users because i'm evil. you can always use 7-zip to extract the dll from the installer.
hahah you demon! ;]
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