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Winamp iPhone version is missing !!!

Hi guys.

I use winamp all the time. It is really great app. I love it.

Also I am an iPhone developer. I've searched iPhone winamp version from App Store. But I've found no result.
I think iPhone winamp version is missing for iPhone users and me.

Is winamp iPhone version live anywhere ?

If so, please give me directly link.

Also If iPhone winamp version doesn't exist, I am ready to develop it as live.
I can do it with windows 11 skin and winamp default skin.
I have one problem to do it. This is application signing fee and spread world wide. If anybody is ready to support me, I can do it in three months.

I can promise iPhone winamp version that I will develop is more usable, good user interface and having plug-ins.

If you are interested in for my idea, please post the reply.

Thanks guys. Cheers!

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