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I am having problems with the media Library

I have 735 GB of music, containing 8,671 folders, containing 98,167 files

the problem is when i load files into the media library on a fresh install, for some reason every file / song is duplicated.

So in Music folder 'X' we will say there is 10 songs physically in the folder ... but in Winamp media library it will show 20 songs in order song 1, song 1, song 2, song 2,.... etc..

winamp will then play the song twice .....

i have 2 different computers both running windows 10 with a back up of my music( no there is no duplicate files in any folders)

I have the same problem happening on both computers.

Any help would be appreciated greatly..

I have used Winamp since day 1 or there about I love it

I kicks the llamas ass..

Also i can no longer Enqueue single songs from a music folder. i now have to Enqueue the whole folder..... i never had this problem that i am aware of until Windows 10

thanks again all.
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