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Originally posted by inthegray
interesting thing about metroid prime. my girlfriend got me a gamecube and a wavebird controller for my birthday a while back, at electronics boutique. it came with metroid prime and a Link t-shirt for free. i mulled over it, and with her consent, i decided to trade it in for a new xbox. so i headed to electronics boutique and exchanged the gamecube and wavebird for an xbox (sorry, sarge). apparently though, i get to keep the metroid prime game and the zelda t-shirt. awesome.
That's the exact opposite of me, Mrs Jones apparently bought me an XBox for last Xmas after I remarked "oooh, xboxes have sure come down in price lately", sadly it was the remark I made a week later that made her take it back..."Man I wouldn't have one of those xbox things given, I'd much rather have a cube" , sadly it was too late for her to buy one in time for xmas, so I got a "IOUACUBE" note from her and picked one up in the January sales.

Anyhow, I reflashed my GBA cart last night, I'm now planning on spending some time cracking Golden Sun II, a RPG if you didn't know...
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