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PS2: Rygar: Legendary "Adventure"

Based on a popular NES game from the 80's. the game play is very similar to Devil May Cry (but with a yo yo o death instead). This game has both an excellent sound track and level design, both of which one would expect from tecmo's team ninja (designed the beautiful DOA3 & Ninja Gidan for xbox). Game was $12 at gamestop, not a bad purchase at all.

PC: Zbattle w ZSNES (retro online gaming)
-Super Street Fighter 2
-Contra III

kicking some classic snes butt with people from around the world.

Originally posted by Twilightseer

I've finally dropped MOH (too sick of the controls, they were driving me nuts)
When at gamespot I also purchased frontline for $10. Being a fan of the PC version I figured I would give it a try, but the PC version is MUCH better. The graphics, computer AI, and control’s are all substantially better on the PC side(even on my 5 year old PC), further MOHAA has online play which is very addicting.

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