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Winamp 2006 for Car (plus bug report)

I love this skin -- the first to have ratings in the main window!!!

I have noticed a minor bug... if you right click on the Song name and select Ratings, it doesn't match up with the Ratings stars at the top of the main window.

I built myself a computer that goes in my car. It runs at 640x480 because you can't see small fonts well (less than 16 points). A 7" diagonal screen means that your finger pushes on alot of pixels (touchscreen interface). I was wondering if perhaps your skin could be modified so that on long car trips I could use your skin to rate songs using my car computer's small LCD screen. It would need a simpler display, but similar to what you already have, except that buttons would need to be gigantic.

Would it be possible to make a derivative skin?

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